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Frequently Asked Question:

Q:  What is a poboy?

A:  A poboy is a tradition, unique New Orleans french bread sandwich.

Q:  What does NOLA stand for?

A:  NOLA is an acronym for our home town: New Orleans, Louisiana.

Q:  Who is NOLA Poboys looking for as a franchise owner?

A:  NOLA Poboys is looking for “authentic” people to become franchisees. That means people with a desire to serve food bursting with flavor and not the same processed food that most other franchises offer.We’re looking for people with experience working within a team and building a business, not necessarily a restaurant, who are qualified financially and motivated to build a business that will thrive for years to come. We are accepting both single unit and multi-unit operators.

Q:  How much will it cost me to open a NOLA Poboys franchise?

A:  It depends on your location and a variety of other factors. Please refer to our investment overview for a better understanding of the costs involved.

Q:  How much are the royalties and franchise fees?

A:   The franchise fee is $30,000 per franchise. NOLA Poboys charges a royalty of 6% and a marketing fee of 4%.

Q:  How much can I expect to make as a NOLA Poboys franchisee?

A:  The Federal Trade Commission as well as various state regulations preclude us from offering specific financial projections, but we will provide each potential franchisee with our Franchise Disclosure Document during the vetting process.

Q:  Does NOLA Poboys offer financing?

A:  No, the franchisee will be responsible for financing.

Q:  How long does it take to open a store?

A:  Each site is different depending on site selection, build-out requirements and training. However we anticipate it will take approximately  six to nine months from the date of signing your franchise agreement to the grand opening of your NOLA Poboys Franchise. We have partnered with a third party that will provide you with appropriate real estate assistance.

Q:  What type of training can we expect as a franchise?

A:  All new franchisees participate in an 8-10 week training program specifically designed to prepare you and your key employees to operate a NOLA Poboys franchise. Our program focuses on real life experience in one of our corporate stores training facilities. The training consists of 200 hours including classroom and on the job. Once completed franchisees receive regular updates and continuing support including on site visits.

Q:  I’m interested in learning more about NOLA Poboys franchise opportunities what do I do next?

A:  Click here to fill out a brief questionnaire and learn more!

Q:  Who do I speak with regarding potential real estate sites?

A:  Please email realestate@nolapoboys.com

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