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Signature Shrimp PoBoy
Signature Shrimp PoBoy

NOLA Poboys is committed to spreading our love of authentic Southern Louisiana cuisine by combining indigenous ingredients with traditional recipes that have been refined throughout years of serving New Orleans locals as well as tourists from all over the world.  We know you’ll love our food because we don’t serve anything in our restaurants that doesn’t meet our exacting standards.

Below is a list of our vendors, all firmly established New Orleans institutions that are well regarded throughout the region.




Authentic, Locally-Sourced Ingredients

 Whenever possible, the Company will source its ingredients from Louisiana purveyors. In addition to Gendusa bread, Louisiana suppliers provide the following:


Louisiana SeafoodLouisiana Seafood – including shrimp, crawfish, catfish, crab and oyster.


Chisesis PrideChesesi Ham & Roast Beef – A New Orleans family-owned company since 1908.


Crystal Hot SauceCrystal Hot Sauce – A family-owned company since 1923, Crystal ships 4.5 million gallons of its famous hot sauce around the globe each year.


Blue Plate Real MayonnaiseBlue Plate Mayonnaise – Dating back to 1922, Blue Plate was one of the first commercially prepared mayonnaise brands in the country. Blue Plate could deliver co-branding opportunities.


French MarketFrench Market Coffee – Famous for its coffee/chicory blend since 1890.


LuzianneLuzianne Iced Tea – Authentic southern iced tea from a family-owned company since 1902.


 New Oleans Ice Cream CoNew Orleans Ice Cream Company– New, award-winning ice cream purveyor.


Beignets (purveyor TBD) – Beignets will draw customers to stores just for this New Orleans treat.



BBQ Shrimp PoBioy
BBQ Shrimp PoBoy

Several NOLA Poboys recipes have been passed down through generations to its founder, Murray Tate. These cherished family recipes, including chicken and andouille gumbo, seafood bisque, and specialty breading, are closely guarded secrets. Using a proprietary blend of spices, NOLA Poboys breading comes in mild or spicy.



Roast Beef PoBiy
‘Da-Bris’  PoBoy

Our restaurants focus on the traditional New Orleans poboy sandwiches, including cold, hot, seafood and specialty options such as Chesesi ham, ‘da-bris’ pot roast and our signature fried Louisiana shrimp. Specialty poboys are smothered in the Company’s proprietary gumbo or bisque. In addition to its top-selling poboys, NOLA Poboys also serves starters and sides, including red beans and rice, gumbo, jambalaya and more. With its flagship location on Bourbon Street, NOLA Poboys serves a cross-section of America. As a result, NOLA Poboys has been able to test its menu and products on tourists as well locals.

The Latest News from NOLA Poboys Franchise. The Latest News from NOLA Poboys Franchise. The Latest News from NOLA Poboys Franchise. The Latest News from NOLA Poboys Franchise.